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Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina 2014/Chili con carne

Basically there are two types of wine: those to be tasted and those to be drunk. Santa Cristina 2014 belongs to the second category. There is nothing wrong with admitting that certain wines are “drinkable”, fortunately for us. We are all too often entangled in enigmatic philosophical debates when faced with a bottle of wine, … Scopri di più

Santa Cristina

Bucatini pasta with Sicilian pesto

INGREDIENTS 6 tomatoes50 grams of freshly grated pecorino cheeseExtra virgin olive oilSalt and freshly ground pepper 350 grams of bucatini pasta160 grams of ricotta cheese100 grams of whole almonds with the skins2 cloves of garlic Boil the tomatoes and whole almonds in a pot of boiling water. Strain and let cool.  Pat dry and slip … Scopri di più

Santa Cristina

Spinach, olive and smoked provolone cheese loaf

INGREDIENTS 500 grams of fresh Swiss chard250 grams of flour100 grams of grated Parmesan cheese100 ml of milk200 grams of smoked provolone cheese (diced)3 eggs1 fresh spring onion 2 tbsp Santa Cristina extra virgin olive oilone envelope of instant yeast (fast-rising)50 grams of green olives80 grams of buttersalt and pepper Clean and rinse the Swiss … Scopri di più

Santa Cristina

Tuscan Traditions – Biscotti di Prato

There are masterpieces that owe their greatness to just a few simple ingredients. One of these specialties is called Biscotti di Prato, known worldwide as cantuccio or cantuccino. These cookies from Prato are one of the highest expressions of Tuscan cultural know how, a recipe carefully safeguarded in the city’s historic memoires. The authentic Biscotto di … Scopri di più

Santa Cristina

Vespa, 70 Passionate Years

The 23rd of April 1946, the momentous day on which the first patent was filed for one of the most famous Italian icons in the world.  From its debut, this vehicle became a status symbol.  We are talking about the Vespa scooter. Just mentioning the word Vespa automatically brings to mind its legendary logo. We’ll leave it to … Scopri di più

Santa Cristina

When the garden is urban: passionate about the Orti Dipinti

We met up with Giacomo Salizzoni on Borgo Pinti, a small street in the heart of Florence right in front of the Four Seasons hotel, he zipped up on his Vespa and welcomed us to the spectacular Orti Dipinti, the first community garden in Tuscany’s capital city of Florence. Entering the garden we were outright astonished. We … Scopri di più


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