Extra virgin olive oil

Santa Cristina EVO is bright green with an intense fruity flavor.  A perfect condiment best used in its natural state without cooking it to add flavor, drizzle, marinade and season any dish.  This oil presents an excellent balance and structure with a characteristic lightly peppery finish.




Winter weather was cold and rainy.  Spring was cool and mild with frequent rain showers.  Summer set in bringing hot temperatures and dry conditions that remained steady throughout the season.  Rainfall during the month of September and ideal weather in October favored fruit development  and optimal ripening.  Harvesting began at the end of October, earlier than in the past, and was completed within the first 10 days of November.


Italian extra virgin olive oil is customarily used in Tuscany both for cooking culinary specialities and to season raw and cooked vegetables.  Santa Cristina is an extra virgin olive oil with an acidity level that is less than 0.8%.  Extra virgin olive oil, the highest grade of olive oil, represents the best quality in terms of nutritional value and health benefits.  Santa Cristina extra virign olive oil is cold pressed using different olive varieties that were harvested once perfectly ripened.



The historic town of Cortona sits high on a Tuscan hillside not too far from Siena and Perugia.  On one side, a vast plain extends in the distance while on the other side the medieval village is set in the hillside.  This is the captivating panorama surrounding the Santa Cristina Winery, established in 2006 to strengthen and renew the tradition of crafting its eponymous wine 60 years after its first vintage.  Santa Cristina extra virgin olive oil is made from a careful selection of the finest olives that are cold pressed.