Extra virgin olive oil

This oil has a bright green color and a fruity flavor. It is perfect for using uncooked as a dressing, embodies an optimal structure and balance, and has a characteristic spicy note in the finish.




After a rather mild winter and cool spring with average rainfall, the summer months were warm and dry; September and October were ideal months during which sunny and warm weather alternated with occasional and well spaced periods of rain, a sequence which allowed the olives to grow and ripen well. The harvest took place between the end of October and the month of November.


Italian extra virgin olive oil is typically used in Tuscany both for the preparation for foods and as a seasoning for raw and cooked vegetables. The Santa Cristina olive oil is extra-virign in category, i.e. an oil which contains an acidity lower than .8%. On the qultiy scale used for judging olive oil, extra-virign is the finest of all in terms of its nutritional characteristics and values. It is obtained from a cold pressing of different olive varieties, all picked when perfectly ripe.



The “classic” Santa Cristina was first produced in 1946 by Marquis Niccolò Antinori, the father of Marquis Piero. Over 60 years after its birth, the constant efforts taken to ensure the best quality possible have made Santa Cristina a point of reference on the Italian wine-making scene. The dedication and research in the interest of continuous innovation have, since 2009, given life to a family of products, a part of which is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.