Toscana IGT

Fattoria Le Maestrelle offers a ruby red color with purple highlights. The nose is intense and complex with the evident notes of vanilla and coffee in fine balance with the mint of the Merlot and the red and black fruit character of the Sangiovese and the Syrah. The palate is a balanced one as well, flavorful, supple, and with a complex aftertaste and finish which bring back the aromatic notes first felt on the nose.

Alcohol by volume: 13° vol.



The 2017 vintage, from the climatic point of view, was marked by weather which was, on the whole, hot and dry, with some occasional but important episodes of rainfall. These conditions led to an early bud burst in the vineyard and an anticipation of all the subsequent phases of vine growth and development which followed. The picking started earlier than in 2016 with a Merlot harvest which began in late August, while the Sangiovese and Syrah were picked in early September. The quantity of grapes produced was quite low, but the quality level was very high.


hot and dry


Merlot harvest began in late August, while the Sangiovese and Syrah were picked in early September


Bottling began in July



The grapes were harvested at different moments in time and fermented separately as well, variety by variety. This working method allowed the fermentation and the period of skin contact to be carried out according to the specific requirement of the different grapes, fully bringing out their aromatic characteristic and the softness of the tannins. Fermentation temperatures never rose above 77° Fahrenheit (25° centigrade) and the extraction techniques were performed softly and delicately. The malolactic fermentation was completed by the end of October, allowing the wine to begin its period of aging, partly in small oak barrels and partly in stainless steel tanks. The Fattoria Le Maestrelle began to be bottled in late July of 2018.



The ancient town of Cortona rises on a high hill not far from the cities of Siena and Perugia. On one side the wide plain, on the other side the hill and its hamlet. This is the view which can be enjoyed from the Santa Cristina cellars, constructed in 2006 to confirm and renew the tradition of the wine of the same name, first produced in the year 1946. Over time, Santa Cristina has become a reference point for connoisseurs, and not merely these consumers, thanks a constant commitment to high quality. The care and attention always given to both the vineyard work and the work in the cellar have been the stimulus for constant innovation and for measuring professional work and capacities with both native and international grape varieties. The result has been the creation of a family of wines, all different from one another but distinguished by the same artisan style, fruit of the indissoluble link between the vineyard, the terroir, and human contributions and input. Fattoria Le Maesterlle is a modern red wine with much personality, capable of recounting and making well evident its strong ties to the territory in which it is produced, the Tuscan region of central Italy, with a contemporary style.