Vin Santo della Valdichiana DOC

Vin Santo Santa Cristina is intensely yellow in color with amber highlights. The nose is remarkable for aromas typical of pastry shops; raisins, apricots and candied fruit characteristic of Malvasia grapes, and walnuts typical of Trebbiano Toscano. Its palate is full bodied and supple with hints of apricots packed in syrup; a pleasant and well-balanced finish with notes of almond cookies.

Alcohol by volume: 12,5% vol.



The 2016 growing season started out with mild winter weather and abundant rainfall that provided the vines with substantial groundwater reserves, essential for the upcoming season. Summer weather trends were hot and dry uninterrupted by high heat events. These climatic conditions guaranteed balanced vine development. Optimal temperature swings between day and night allowed the grapes to reach perfect ripeness, preserving aromatic profiles. Both grape varieties, Trebbiano and Malvasia, were harvested during the first half of September.



Characterized by dry, sunny weather


First half of September


Bottled March



The grapes were harvested directly into drying crates, a method that preserves whole healthy berries and avoids damaging the fruit. The desiccating process lasted approximately 4 months after which the grapes achieved elevated natural sugar concentration levels. The dried berries were then gently pressed, and the free run wine was transferred directly into oak casks where alcoholic fermentation took place. Fermentation came to a halt naturally when the wine reached 12.5% alcohol, while maintaining its natural residual sugars. Fermentation was initiated using starter cultures (madre) from Valdichiana and other specifically selected yeasts. The wine was aged for over 3 years and then bottled in March 2020.



High on a Tuscan hillside, not far from Siena and Perugia, sits the historic town of Cortona.  A vast plain extends on one side and on the other, the hill and village. This is the captivating panorama surrounding the Santa Cristina winery, established in 2006 to strengthen and renew the tradition of crafting its eponymous wine, 60 years after its first vintage. Over time, Santa Cristina has become a reference point for winemaking experts as well as wine enthusiasts due to our commitment to achieving quality. The diligent care taken in vineyards and cellar management have always been our incentive to continue with innovation and research in exploring indigenous as well as international grape varieties.  The resulting family of wines are different yet highly distinguishable for their unmistakable artisanal style, proof of the enduring connection between vineyards, terroir and man’s dedication to the land. Vin Santo is a historic Tuscan sweet wine served on holidays, important occasions and shared at convivial gatherings. The grapes are left to dry for months, as tradition dictates, then gently pressed. Fermentation and aging take place over a period of at least 2 years in small oak casks resulting in a dessert wine with natural residual sugars.