Vin Santo della Valdichiana DOC

The Santa Cristina Vin Santo offers an intense amber yellow color. The nose shows the traditional aromas of pastry, raisins, apricots, and candied fruit of the Malvasia along with the hazelnuts of the Trebbiano Toscano. The palate is full bodied, supple, and fragrant on the finish and aftertaste where the nutty sensations first felt on the nose reappear.

Alcohol by volume: 13% vol.



The 2015 vintage was characterized by dry, sunny weather that allowed a normal growth cycle thanks to excellent water reserves stored up during the winter season.  The vegetative cycle occurred early due to advantageous climatic conditions.    Temperatures in mid July and all of August were above average that helped slow down ripening, making up for early vine growth.  Harvesting operations took place as usual during the first half of October for both grape varieties, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia.



Characterized by dry, sunny weather


First half of October


Bottled mid September



Grapes were harvested directly into trays that were then used during the drying process; this step prevents damaging grape clusters keeping berries perfectly intact.  Upon completion of the drying process, which lasted approximately four and a half months, the berries developed natural and concentrated sugar levels and were then gently pressed.  The first-pressing must was transferred directly into oak casks where alcoholic fermentation took place.  This fermentation stopped spontaneously when the must reached 13% alcohol content preserving its elevated natural sugar levels.  Fermentation took place using mainly Valdichiana Mother Yeast and other specifically selected yeast cultures.    Vin Santo Santa Cristina was aged for over four years and bottled mid September 2019.



The historic town of Cortona sits high on a Tuscan hillside not too far from Siena and Perugia.  On one side, a vast plain extends in the distance while on the other side the medieval village is set in the hillside.  This is the captivating panorama surrounding the Santa Cristina Winery, established in 2006 to strengthen and renew the tradition of crafting its eponymous wine 60 years after its first vintage.  Over time, Santa Cristina has become a reference point for winemaking experts as well as wine enthusiasts due to our continual commitment to achieving the finest quality.  Our diligent vineyard practices and cellar operations have always given us the drive to continue with innovation and research in exploring indigenous as well as international grape varieties.  Our wines are original yet highly distinguishable for their unmistakable artisanal style, the result of a strong connection between the vineyards, terroir and man’s perseverance and passion.
Vin Santo is a historic Tuscan sweet wine served on holidays, important occasions and shared at convivial gatherings.  Vin Santo Santa Cristina is made with a blend of two traditional grape varieties, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia that are left to dry for months and then gently pressed, aged in small casks for over four years producing a sweet wine with natural residual sugars.