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By Apicius International School of Hospitality


2h 30' 3/5 4 pp 40 min


— Carrots

— Celery

— Onions

— 5 in cut veal shanks

— Lemon zest and parsley, chopped fine

— 200g of canned tomato

— 500g flour

— Oil for frying

— Olive oil

— Stock

— Salt and pepper

The delicious Ossobuco (veal shank) is a trademark dish in every traditional Italian kitchen and restaurant. Though the recipe itself varies throughout Italy, this particular delectable preparation is more associated with Northern Italian roots – Ossobuco alla Milanese (a quintessential recipe of Milanese cuisine). Ossobuco prepared Milanese style consists of tender, breaded veal shank (fried in butter), usually prepared with broth and tomatoes, and served with a mouthwatering complement of creamy Risotto alla Milanese, mashed potatoes, polenta or buttery spinach.
Our specific recipe of Ossobuco is the absolute perfect companion for a flavorsome bottle of Santa Cristina. The crisply golden veal, fried in olive oil, is presented with a divine mixture of sautéed celery, carrots and onions (with broth and tomato sauce). Each and every ingredient plays an integral part in bringing out the unique flavors of this dish, making the veal as scrumptious as it can be. The parsley and lemon zest mixture bring a unique garnish to the overall taste. This Ossobuco recipe rings in the cold seasons with a warm and delectable flair for all to enjoy. An absolute perfect entrée to serve for cozy gatherings with family and friends!


  1. Dice celery, carrots, and onions small all together and cook down 15 minutes in olive oil. Add tomato and salt and pepper. Place in large hotel pan.
  2. Flour and fry veal until golden. Drain. Add into sauce in large hotel pan and cover with stock.
  3. Cover with parchment paper and cook slowly on oven (130° C) until tender (about 2.5 hours). Plate with parsley and lemon zest mixture.

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