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By Apicius International School of Hospitality


Antipasti /Inverno /

10 min 2/5 4 pp 10 min


— 8 medium sized calamari

— 200g peas

— 200g broad beans

— 100g rocket

— 50g mint

— 1 clove of garlic

— 2 lemons

— Extra virgin olive oil

— Salt and pepper

This is a simple dish that is fresh, clean, aromatic and perfect for any dinner as an appetizer or main course.

Both peas and broad beans are classic spring and early summer vegetables that are great with pasta, risotto or even served as side dish with bacon and ham.

The secret of any great dish is the quality of ingredients, seasonal and as fresh as possible; when you have this combination and cook with a little love, you cannot go wrong and your guests will enjoy every dish.


  1. Clean your calamari, removing the insides, separating the tentacles from the head and taking off the outer skin, then wash. Open the clean calamari body down one side and with a sharp knife score criss cross style and set aside.
  2. Take both the peas and broad beans from the pods, bring a pot of water too the boil add your garlic clove and cook both your peas and broad beans separately until the become tender.
  3. Make sure both your rocket and mint are washed and clean. In a hot pan or on a grill cook your calamari until tender with a nice golden colour (this should take only a minute or two).
  4. In a bowl, mix your calamari, peas, broad beans, rocket and mint, dress with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Serve with a lemon wedge.

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